Our mission

In this new economical situation, characterized by common and recognized rules, and in a contest that strongly preserves products typicality and origin, our company adopted its own commercial strategy, to increase its market coverage.

Our main qualities are:

  • immediate and specific answers
  • services customization, implementing specific processes to fully satisfy our customers.

Due to this strategy, we keep growing, with large customers satisfaction and bigger market coverage.

The most important extra-EU countries to which we export our products are: Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Georgia, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Australia, etc..

In pork slaughtering sector, because of processes rationalization, business companies extensions and business agreements, the process of production concentration keeps going on.
This trend is increased by the competition with existing realities in other EU countries and by the requirements of the modern distribution, always looking for suppliers that can satisfy their  legality, healty and traceability requests.

Because of all these considerations, it's our primary priority the implementation of a business model that can follow the pork from the birth to its slaughtering and packaging, in order to provide products security and traceability, always keeping care of animals welfare.

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